At the gannet colony on Grassholm

Sue Wolfe and Wildlife Watching

Hi, I’m Sue Wolfe, one of the luckiest people around for living in such a magical place as mid Wales.  I’ve lived and worked here in Wales for 18  years, and I’ve been watching wildlife here for over 30 years.  There’s nothing I like more than showing someone a bird or mammal they haven’t seen before, or some remarkable display of wildlife behaviour – have you ever seen a raven flying upside-down, or jackdaws ‘canoodling’?

I thrive on islands and remote places, and have been nature-watching in many far flung places, like the Falklands, South Georgia, Australia’s Macquarie Island, New Zealand’s subantarctic islands, and our own lovely Shetland – but nothing compares with coming home to experience the wonders of  ‘my own’ wildlife.  I’d love to share it with you.