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Guided Wildlife Breaks in Wales

Imagine stopping to make way to a comical puffin by your feet
Visualise a murmuration of thousands of starlings swirling over you on their way to their evening roost
Wonder at the sight and scent of acres of dazzling bluebells below a green canopy set to birdsong
Think of snow-capped mountain peaks presiding over estuaries teeming with wildfowl

Welsh Wildlife Breaks can make your dream nature holiday happen. Wales’ stunning scenery and diverse habitats from high cliffs, seascapes and islands to mountains, lakes and woodland provide a home to all manner of birds, mammals and stunning wild flowers, wildlife and nature at its finest.

Too busy to plan your nature holiday?

Don’t know where to start?

Want to go at your own pace?

Welsh Wildlife Breaks will plan and take you on your dream wildlife experience, designed just for you. From the moment you step off the train or out of your car, it’s all taken care of.

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