Guided Wildlife Tours

Experienced guided tours provide insight and knowledge

to the best Wildlife spots in Wales.

Guided Wildlife Tours in Wales

Sue Wolfe from Welsh Wildlife Breaks is your friendly knowledgeable guide and holiday planner. A keen photographer, she has been running guided wildlife holidays in Wales for over 10 years and has an in depth knowledge of the country, its birds and mammals and its hidden gems. Sue has lived and worked in Eryri / Snowdonia for over 25 years and is passionate about its wildlife and natural history. She loves meeting people and sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Whether she can show you your first puffin, dazzle you with a clifftop ablaze with wildflowers or amaze you with a pond sparkling with delicate dragonflies, it will make her day.


What people say

Guests have commented that:

“it’s like going on holiday with a friend”

“this isn’t just a walk, it’s a treasure hunt”

“this is the best picnic place in the world”

“we’ve never laughed so much”

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